Planning ahead for snow removal is important whether you are a business owner or a homeowner. To be prepared for all kinds of winter weather, follow these simple tips:

Remember, weather forecasts are not reliable. Make sure you recall any lessons learned from previous years. Review your contract and walk around with your service provider to clarify expectations well in advance.

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Weather Forecasts Are Not Reliable

We all laugh at jokes about the inaccuracy of the weather forecasts. But it’s not very funny if you rely on those predictions to determine your snow plowing budget and make arrangements for winter maintenance services. 

Always plan for a winter season to be colder with more snow than expected. This will help ensure you have enough resources to cover the unexpected and keep your property clear of snow for safety and convenience.

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Recall Lessons Learned From Previous Years

Think back to previous years. What would you do differently? Were you faced with damages to grass or curbs? Perhaps you should stake out boundaries. Did you run out of room for snow to pile? Maybe you should think about scheduling relocation services or incorporate more snow blowing than plowing.

What happened when the ice and snow melted? Was it able to drain properly? Did ice form in areas that caused problems? Speaking of ice, did your plan incorporate ice melt measures and were they adequate?

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Review Your Contract

It is imperative to review your service contract to ensure what it includes. You can’t make assumptions only to face additional unexpected fees.  Services could include, but are not limited to:

  • Snow plowing and/or blowing
  • Snow shovelling of sidewalks and steps
  • Deicing products
  • Relocation services
  • Spring repairs

It is also important to confirm when and how often those services should be provided, such as how long after the snow begins to fall or reaches a certain height. Will contractors provide basic service during a large winter storm but return for clean-up later? Or will they wait until the snow stops before arriving?

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Walk Around The Property With Service Provider

Once you are happy with the details of your contract, you should meet with your service provider for a walkthrough of the property. Identify areas of concern, where they should place the snow and how to mark boundaries.

For commercial snow removal, discuss expectations around parking lots. What happens when cars prevent snow removal? For residential snow removal, make sure you clarify if vehicles need to be moved and when.

In Conclusion

There are a lot of things to consider when planning ahead for snow removal. Do it early and be thorough. This is best completed before the busy winter season begins. Clarify expectations from both parties and avoid disappointment and budget constraints when it’s too late.

Plan your snow removal today!