Snow Removal Services in London, Ontario

Snow Removal Services24-hour / 7 days per week service

Professional service from the first to the last snowfall. Browse our snow removal rates.

All trucks, and shovel/snow blowing crews will be dispatched at 5cm or 2 inches of snow accumulation, based on weather reports from Environment Canada, and from monitoring our routes regularly.

All areas will be cleared of snow at least once within a 6 hour period after snowfall has accumulated to 2 inches or more.

Snow clearing will take place as many times as necessary per snowfall to properly clear all driveways, front walkways, steps, porch and parking areas etc.

Reflective markers are recommended and may be installed along curbs, sidewalks and turf areas to prevent property and/or equipment damage. This service is available at a rate of $6.00 per reflective marker.

Salt or Ice Melt may be provided upon request and applied to walkways, steps, etc. of the premise to avoid slippery conditions.

Salt or Ice Melt applications are available at a rate of $6.50 per application.

Bulk salt is available for purchase and delivery, rate will depend on volume.